Finance word cloud, business concept


As in many organizations, this department is concerned with the finance direction of Nkuluze through the leadership, trust and guidance of the Royal Treasurer who reports directly to the Kabaka.  Nkuluze operates in a “centralized” environment in terms of decision making and execution as Ssaabasajja Kabaka may instruct from time to time, and a centralized environment in terms of establishing accounting standards, policies, procedures and financial systems.

The Department is headed by Mr. Senyonjo Nelson Douglas. However, all officers are answerable to the Royal Treasurer who acts as the supreme head of Nkuluze Finance and Administration on behalf of Ssaabasajja Kabaka.


Enabling Nkuluze to be financially sound and able to meet all its financial obligations.

Building an effective financial life line to all other departments in Nkuluze is a key concern to this department.


In charge of running the finances administrative work of the company. I.e. in charge of the finances, procurement, Human resource and credit operations of Nkuluze and ensuring that Nkuluze is adequately staffed with skilled and motivated employees to attain organizational goals.


  1. Manages Nkuluze’s accounts receivable (including billings and collections)
  2. Financial systems, implementation and monitoring of related internal controls.
  3. Reviews internal audits conducted across departments to help address business/financial  process deficiencies
  4. Ensuring accountability
  5. Reporting and handling cash inflows
  6. Carrying out bank reconciliations
  7. Handling procurement processes of Nkuluze.
  8. Define organizational structure and driving productivity
  9. Vetting and establishing relationships with service providers
  10. Reports on all Nkuluze accounts to the Royal Treasurer including month end, quarterly, yearly and other ad hoc reports.
  11. Collaborates with other Finance arms of the /financial process and consolidated Accounts for the Kingdom that generate revenue for Nkuluze on matters that involve business
  12. Keeping up with the societal, legal and ethical models.