Through local and mechanized means, the department ensures that Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s farms are efficiently and effectively managed to ensure a steady supply of foodstuffs to all Palaces.

Currently, the department is in charge of two farms; that’s to say, Kyabbugga Farm situated in Luweero District, Bulemeezi County (for Crop Production) and Kagongo Farm situated in Buikwe District, Kyaggwe County (for Animal Husbandry).

Additional to the department’s critical focus stipulated above, below are other key duties / responsibilities of the department:-


It is the springboard of Nkuluze’s communications and all activities within and outside the organization. Through the corporate section, it undertakes the creation and also portrays a favorable public image for Nkuluze, through its various image building initiatives which are designed and developed to reach employees, institutional analysts within the Kingdom and other key stakeholders.

With Liaison matters, it links / coordinates all activities among various departments of Nkuluze. More to that, it is tasked to ensure best utilization of resources and services of one department by another. To achieve that, it often provides technical or subject matter expertise and assistance to various departments within Nkuluze, about critical matters arising from day-to-day operations of particular departments.


Unlike Buganda Land Board that manages Buganda Kingdom’s land resources, The Estates Department is tasked with the responsibility of identifying, securing, managing, developing and overseeing Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s private Mailo.

The Estates managed by this department are in eleven counties totaling to approximately 25sq located in areas such as;


The ICT and Transport department is responsible for planning, organizing, developing, monitoring, controlling, managing and maintaining the means of Technology through which His Majesty, members of the Royal Family and Nkuluze staff use to carry out their day-to-day operations and official duties.

It operates ICT issues at Nkuluze Head Office in Bulange-Mengo, Palaces, Royal Residences, KPU Communications and other Offices.


Kabaka’s safety is a collective responsibility and duty of every Muganda as reflected in an expression of “Namunswa mu kiswa n’enkuyege”.

However, due to the complexity of security matters in modern times, it is a core responsibility of Kabaka’s Protection Unit, to spear head the general safety of Ssaabasajja Kabaka, Royal Family, Katikkiro and Buganda Kingdom at large.

KPU is under the auspices of the Minister of Nkuluze; who is assisted by the Royal Treasurer in management of day-to-day operations of the unit in order to fulfill its mandate.


As in many organizations, this department is concerned with the finance direction of Nkuluze through the leadership, trust and guidance of the Royal Treasurer who reports directly to the Kabaka. Building effective functions is a key concern of this department in order to manage, support and finance all other departments in Nkuluze.

Nkuluze operates in a “centralized” environment in terms of decision making and execution as Ssaabasajja Kabaka may instruct from time to time, and a centralized environment in terms of establishing accounting standards, policies, procedures and financial systems.


It is one of the most Traditional Administrative Departments of Nkuluze. It is through this department that Nkuluze fulfills one of its key mandate; the personal welfare of Ssaabasajja Kabaka. It ensures that all Palaces are well maintained and in good conditions suitable and befitting Ssaabasajja Kabaka, Nnaabagereka, and the Royal Family.

The Palaces under direct supervision of Nkuluze through this department include, Kireka and Banda Palaces in Kyaddondo County, Nkoni and Lukunyu Palaces in Buddu County and Bamunanika Palace in Bulemeezi County.


This department is there to support employees.

Here are some of the tasks Nkuluze HR department is busy completing every day, Recruit candidates, Hire the right employees, Process payroll, Conduct disciplinary actions, Maintain employee records.