ICT and Transport department operates its duties at Nkuluze Head Office in Bulange-Mengo, Palaces, Royal Residences, KPU Communications and other Offices to ease communication, inland travels and work of Ssaabasajja Kabaka, Royal Family and all staff of Nkuluze.

The department is headed by Mr. Sserunjogi Sam Derrick.


Setting up high standard technology, effective and efficient management of Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s fleet.


In charge of effective and efficient management, Rec and Planning, organizing, developing, monitoring, controlling and maintaining the means of Technology and Transport for Ssaabasajja, Royal Family and Nkuluze staff.


  1. Planning, organizing, developing, monitoring, controlling, managing and maintaining the means of Technology for Nkuluze.
  2. Effective and efficient management of Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s fleet of vehicles used.
  3. Planning Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s Visits.
  4. Design, establish and administration of a system that allows collection, storage, management and dissemination of department data
  5. Analysing data for Estates Office.
  6. Coordinate, facilitate, provide and control ICT activities through the use of technology and information reserves to the satisfaction of the organization and its stakeholders
  7. Building coordination among departments.
  8. Working hand in hand with Kabaka Protection Unit for Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s security.
  9. In Liaison with the Ministry of Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s Travels and Ministry of Culture and Norms for Buganda Kingdom, with ICT and Transport department they work hand in hand for the proper coordination, development and safety of Ssaabasajja, Royal Family and other cultural leader within the Kingdom.