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The Human Resource Department is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and maintaining the staff of the organization. This department works to ensure that employees are happy, motivated, and engaged to perform as required. Additionally, it creates and manages many of the policies and procedures that ensure that the organization is compliant with labor and safety regulations, as well as compliant with all applicable government Laws and cultural norms.


To develop, nurture, and support the human capital in order to achieve the maximum potential for success for the organization.


To develop effective organizational strategies, practices, and policies that create an equitable and supportive environment for all employees; and to effectively recruit, retain and support the most suitable and talented employees who will embody the goals and objectives of the organization.

Core Roles:

Strategic Planning: work with other departments to help develop human resource strategies and objectives that align with overall organization goals.

Talent Management: source, recruit, and select qualified individuals to fill roles within the organization.

Learning and Development: create and manage employee training, education, and development programs to ensure all employees stay current with best practices in their respective roles.