Nkuluze Royal Treasury

Finance Department

As in many organizations, this department’s Framework forms part of the Finance strategy of Nkukuze through leadership, trust and guidance of the Royal Treasurer who reports directly to the Kabaka.

Building effective functions is a key concern of this department in order to manage, support and finance all other departments that comprise of Nkuluze. 

Nkuluze operates in a “centralized” environment in terms of decision making and execution as Ssaabasajja Kabaka may instruct from time to time, and a centralized environment in terms of establishing accounting standards, policies, procedures and financial systems

  • All other departments are responsible for compliance with financial policies, procedures and guidelines as set by the Finance Department to ensure accountability, timely delivery of goods and services to Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s palaces to obtain value for money and to protect Nkuluze from disrepute.
  • Manages Nkuluze’s accounts receivable (including all collections)
  • Is responsible for the management of financial systems, implementation and monitoring of related internal controls.
  • Collaborates with other Finance arms of the Kingdom that generate revenue for Nkuluze on matters that involve business/financial process and consolidated Accounts for the Kingdom.
  • Reviews internal audits conducted across departments to help address business/financial  process deficiencies.
  • Provides reporting on all Nkuluze accounts to the Royal Treasurer including month end, quarterly, yearly and other ad-hoc reports.
  • Manages and is instrumental in guiding all expenditures within other departments in Nkuluze.
  • Provide guidance to other departments heads and staff on the adherence to the Budget framework and the appreciation of Nkuluze’s financial manual.

Controllership duties: Head of Finance is also responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely financial information of Nkuluze. Creditors, employees and other members of management rely on the accuracy and timeliness of this information.