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About Miako

is his view about seven major factors which if well understood, can transform Uganda from its present state of backwardness to prosperity. Failure to address those factors will keep Uganda in the third world bracket in the foreseeable future, he maintains.


King on the throne, the story of the restoration of the kingdom of Buganda: the author tells the story of how Kabaka Mutebi rebuilt the key organs of the kingdom that was abolished for more than 3 decades. The author is Charles Peter Mayiga a senior Partner with M/S Buwule & Mayiga advocates, in Kampala. He has also authored two other books, BUGANDA KU NTIKKO and UGANDA: 7 KEY TRANSFORMATION IDEA.


The book “AMAANYI G’OBUNTU” literally meaning, “Power of Self” is a master piece of work that enables a reader to understand all about their purpose in life.

The author, Mr. Simon Ssenkaayi, is an Inspirational speaker, Business consultant, Researcher, Author and a life coach. He finds joy in challenging the readers mind to think towards self-empowerment.

He currently works with Nkuluze (Royal Treasury) of Buganda Kingdom and inspiration and insight hub ltd. He has authored another must read piece titled “Naawe osobola”.